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Secrets of Body Language When Dating Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby
Posted by | Mar 27, 2017

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Studies show that the reason why we should know secrets of body language, especially for these people who want to want to succeed in sugar daddy dating. It turns out that most sugar daddies and sugar babies use almost 97% body language in entire communication process. So what problems you should keep in mind to make sure that you can show the perfect body language when dating sugar daddy & sugar baby?

1. Pay attention to your posture

Do you still remember that teacher made you walk around with books on your head? Well, better remember those good times because you could use that to your advantage. Walk straight. Slouching is a common sign of insecurity, so stand tall and stand proud. But don't stand too stiff. Be active to let the sugar daddy or sugar baby know you are interested or like what he or she has to say. Titling your head and nodding are also good posture signs that you are engaged in the conversation and listening to whatever it is he has to say.

2.Give sugar daddy & sugar baby pace


Most sugar babies like leaning towards sugar daddy. But it doesn’t mean that you have to lean on him. Give sugar daddy space, especially if its just your first sugar daddy date, personal space must be respected both for sugar daddy and sugar baby. Keep your distance a bit. This distance means that you are respecting his/her space, and when he invades yours, keep away. You also do not want to be too physically close on the first dates.

3.Body language also tells when you are nervous


Stop fidgeting with your hands, your bag or your phone. This would show that you do feel nervous, which your date might mirror too, and will make him/her nervous and uneasy too. Some sugar daddies especially sugar babies would have nervous habits. It is unavoidable. You can try to control yourself and appear calm and collected, you may let your sugar daddy or bay be clam too. However, hand gestures are good body language signs because it helps in emphasizing points.

4. Pay attention to your hands

Relax, do not clench hands which will show you are nervous and uneasy. Caressing things like your hair, your blouse, or your glass rim, may come across as sensual, so unless you're intentionally aiming for this, try to stop this nervous habit.

Hands in the pockets, assuming that you have pockets, cleaning your eyeglasses, or balling your fists are all negative body language, while finger pointing, drumming, and wagging are signals that you are impatient and wish for the date to end, unless you are consciously making these body language signs because you want the date to end.

Now that you know the secrets of body language. You can apply on your sugar daddy dating. Come and find the sugar daddy or sugar baby on the best sugar daddy dating app or site.