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How to Attract a Sugar Daddy?
Posted by | April 17, 2017

attract sugar daddy

There are a lot of young and beautiful girls called sugar babies love dating older rich men called sugar daddies. Are you a sugar baby? Are you looking for a sugar daddy to take care of your needs and desires? You may need know some tips to attract a rich sugar daddy.

There are plenty of mature rich men looking for a sugar baby and not a real girlfriend - maybe they're already married, or maybe they just don't have the time or talent for romance and dating. These rich men are willing to help these sugar babies who are students models and other young beautiful women with your day-to-day expenses, tuition, rent and offer valuable advice on how to handle your own finances, all of that in exchange for your time and companionship.

Here are some tips for sugar babies to follow to attract a sugar daddy.

Sugar Babies Should be Young And Beautiful

Obviously your looks are important and they are your best bait to catch a rich sponsor. Sugar daddies are mostly older and mature and they will be attracted to these young and beautiful girls and healthy look so you need to project that image. Tight clothes, long hair and not too much makeup. If you need to invest in teeth whitening or breast implants do it and improve your chances.

Take Charge

You need to set the tone from the start and make it clear what you expect from the relationship and to make it clear that he is your sugar daddy but not your boyfriend. He won't be shy to tell you what he wants from the relationship so you should state your terms clearly - whether it is monthly allowance, tuition, installments for your new car and so on.

Be Polite and Friendly to Sugar Daddy

When you two are together you generally want him to feel relaxed and content. Learn about what he does, his friends etc. If your man is reluctant to talk about a subject, let it be and don't bring it up again. You should learn to give a great massage, something that gets his endorphins flowing. The happier he is, the better you're off.

Discuss Your Needs to Your Sugar Daddy

Once you make him happy and relaxed you should see if you can squeeze a little extra from your sugar daddy relationship. For this to work you should wait couple weeks into the relationship when you've built up enough trust and got to know him. There are all kinds of tricks to get more money from your sugar daddy, which ones you use depends on you and him. Don't be too greedy too fast but if you're not happy with financial side of the arrangement, you should move on. Your sugar daddy can help you to make your dreams come true. He may is not your future and not the man you want to settle with. If you do want to settle with him then he is no longer your sugar daddy and you've fallen in love.

Where can Sugar Baby Find a Sugar Daddy

The great place for sugar babies are online sugar daddy dating sites. You will find rich men who are already looking for a sugar baby like you. You can quickly find someone in your area and check other details that might be important to you, like his age, income, body type and so on. Check the Sugar Daddy Dating Review to find the best sugar daddy site and start searching and dating sugar daddy now.