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What Should A Gay Sugar Baby Keep In Mind When Dating Gay Sugar Daddy
Posted by | Aug 02, 2017

 gay sugar baby

Are you a man looking for a sugar daddy? Do you know how to be a real gay sugar baby? Here are some things to remember about being a gay sugar baby for all of you just starting out:

1. A Gay Sugar Relationship is a not traditional sugar dating relationship:

Before it starts make sure the rules & terms of the relationship are established. Remember there should always be a mutual respect from both the parties throughout the relationship. Things to cover, before the arrangement include an agreement on allowance & gifts, hours, commitment type, be careful and really understand your finances and availability before committing, flip flopping flakes are such a turn off!

2. Keep it Professional

Like sugar babies, just keep in mind that your gay sugar daddy is not your father nor is he your boyfriend. Do not make personal demands, throw tantrums, act jealous nor make ultimatums. In a way sugar daddy dating is like a job, keep the drama to an absolute minimum! Do not keep it too serious. Remember not to complain, whine or get angry.

When you’re feeling upset keep these thoughts to yourself and think about your end-game – what are you are going to do with your allowance. Try and not get too emotionally involved and personal with your gay sugar daddy, gay sugar babies can reveal things about themselves but avoid anything that reflects badly.

3. Make full use of your attractive appearance:

As all boys know men are very visual creatures so realize you better work to maintain it. This mean that you should not only be investing in your body and face but you also need to dress for success. In this case successful dressing would be to target wealthy sugar daddy who are used to the finer things in life, so avoid being overly trendy or fashion forward.

4. Knowledge is power:

The way you look might be one of the factors of keeping a gay sugar daddy interested but it’s the way you think is just as important. Although remember just because you are a man it doesn’t mean you’ll understand him straight away. Explore our quick guide on some of our favorite books that will teach you the art of keeping a successful gay sugar daddy here.

5. Curate your personality: 

After you start analyzing your current or potential gay sugar daddy it will help you to decipher what exactly he is looking for. He might want someone who is ambitious and has direction so he can provide guidance, or he may want someone who is simple who listens to him. This knowledge gives you power in creating that long term bond.

6. Comfort and Safety are First: 

Remember that gay sugar dating is supposed to be a positive experience. Before meeting your gay sugar daddy make sure you are meeting in a public place and have talked to him a few times. If you’re seeing too many red flags, such as aggression or extreme possessiveness maybe its time to part ways.

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