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Do You Know What Kind Of Personal Information You Can Tell Your Sugar Daddy?
Posted by | Sep, 15

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As development of online sugar dating, there are thousands of sugar babies seeking sugar daddies for mutual benefits. And when an ambitious sugar baby starve for money, she would choose a sugar daddy dating app or sugar daddy site to find a sugar daddy to support her. So, she may has to put her some personal information open on a sugar daddy app or site to attract a sugar daddy.

Although there are a lot of sugar daddy sites or apps, especially some free sugar daddy sites tell people that they are safe and no spams. There are still some scammers on sugar daddy sites or apps who pose as potential sugar daddies to extract personal information from desperate sugar babies. And despite what they might promise you – sharing that information with them may end up costing you more than any allowance they promise you’ll receive.

When When this happens, you need know distinguish the fake sugar daddy and protect yourself from them by being selective about sharing your personal information.

If you are a sugar baby, do you know which information need give your sugar daddy? What information should you keep in secret? Here are some tips you may follow to keep secure on sugar daddy dating.

1. It is ok To share name with your sugar daddy

This one is ok to share your name. I can share this to your potential sugar daddy. If you do not familiar with your potential sugar daddy, you share your nickname with him. Once you have an arrangement with a sugar daddy that you trust, then you can tell your sugar daddy real name.

Whether you choose to use your real name or just a fake first name all depends on how much privacy you want to have from your sugar life. All in all, it is totally up to you. You can do as you like.

2. You’d better do not share your address

Compared with your name, address is more of a privacy thing. If you never meet your sugar daddy or just chat on sugar daddy sites few time, you’d better do not give your address to your sugar daddy. Because you never know what does your potential sugar daddy will do. If your potential sugar daddy want to give you gifts, tell him P.O. Box address. your Until you are in an arrangement with your sugar daddy and you trust him, you may tell him your address.

3. It’s ok to share your school or working place

It’s up to you if you want to share your work place or not. If you just meet your sugar daddy for the first time and you still not familiar with him, you can avoid talking about your working place or school. It is safer and you can protect your privacy.

4. Never share your Id card or personal identification

Keep in mind that you are seeking a sugar daddy for mutual benefits not for true love or marriage. You needn’t share your personal identifications to your sugar daddy. If you want to apply for a card for you, you just tell him you just prefer cash only. Seriously, do not share your personal identification with your sugar daddy.

If you want to get your information security, you need choose a safe sugar daddy app or site firstly. Some of information can be open to your sugar daddy, but some of them shouldn’t. There are so many ways to share who you are with a potential sugar daddy without disclosing compromising personal information.

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