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What's Up with Most Sugar Babies Crying About No Allowance During The Lockdown? How to Ask Sugar Daddies Give Money During Sugar Daddy No Meeting?

Posted by | Apr, 22

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When the Corona Virus was finally declared as a pandemic, it was clear that the effects were going to take a toll on the economy. However, it came as a subtle surprise about how the effects crawled to the sugar dating scene. Sugar Babies (SB) and Sugar Daddies (SD) have obviously taken a hit during the lockdown. Apparently, SDs and especially those in the best sugar daddy sites are holding on to the $$ a little too tight and SBs have started to rant.

Let us try and find out what the heck is going on and whether or not it is true that the lockdown has seen SDs cut down and even in some cases completely cutoff allowances.

The sugar dating demographic

The coronavirus outbreak is one of the major pandemics that millennials have ever experienced in their entire life. Coincidentally, they happen to be the generation, well not exclusively, with an open-minded approach towards sugar dating and we can safely conclude that they have done a great job at popularizing sugar daddy no meeting arrangements in the 21st century. Millennials, who by the way constitute the entire sugar baby demographic, are quite excited about the idea of having their costs and expenses catered by sugar daddies, who are mostly baby boomers or members of the generation X demographic. Well, the lockdown has come to spoil the party for them.

The social distancing measures put in place by most governments around the world are obviously getting in the way of sugar dating although it is quite surprising how this has affected the sugar daddy no meeting arrangements. What is more distressing is the fact that some sugar daddies, even those from some of the best sugar daddy sites are now in a position to take advantage of sugar babies by either reducing or completely scraping off allowances. For those sugar babies whose service packages include physical meetings, there is no way they can escape the pay cuts. This is to say that the lockdown has gotten in the way of their business by creating a barrier and limiting movements and contact.

Why Sugar Babies are complaining about minimal or no allowances

With the Stay-At-Home campaigns intensifying over the last couple of weeks, the situation is getting worse by the day for sugar babies. The sugar dating platforms are experiencing a surge in the number of members who prefer sugar daddy no meeting arrangements and this is not an easy tussle for sugar babies, especially for the ones that rely on the allowances for daily upkeep and payment of essential bills. The allowances are very important especially for those sugar babies that depend on them for upkeep and settling of recurring expenses. Think about it. Quite a majority of the sugar babies are college students who have got tuition to pay and a lifestyle to maintain. It would be virtually impossible for them to keep theirselves cool if anything interfered with the flow of the allowances like the lockdown is doing.

The key service that sugar babies offer and for which most sugar daddies pay expensively is 'pleasure'. In most cases, the physical presence of the service provider, the sugar baby, has been emphasized and this has had a major bearing on the general terms of service. In as much as it is important for sugar babies to offer genuine services, it is equally important for them to diversify. One of the effective ways to prevent the negative impact of the lockdown is minimizing physical meetings because they are less susceptible to things like the lockdown and social distancing.

How Sugar Babies can Make Money during the Lockdown?

Everyone is staying at home. Including the sugar daddies and obviously the sugar babies. This is bad for business especially to the sugar babies whose services require them to physically present themselves in meeting locations/dates. Imagine a sugar daddy who requires his sugar baby to go on dates with him and he only pays allowances based on the number of dates. In such a case, the sugar baby will not receive allowances during this period of the lockdown. The best-case scenario would be the reduction of allowances paid to the sugar baby and in the worst-case scenario, the sugar baby gets nothing.

Sugar babies with no digital portfolio are indeed having it rough with the lockdown. This, however, does not apply as a whole to those who offer online companionship to their sugar daddies, the digital sugar babies. The idea of the digital sugar baby is not a new concept in sugar dating. In fact, some of the most popular and best sugar daddy sites offer this type of service.

Sugar babies can actually make real money effortlessly during the lockdown. How? By seeking sugar daddy no meeting arrangements. These are both safe and almost effortless. All you need to do is set up a profile, indicate that you offer online services exclusively and boom! You are good to go. The best part is, you can easily find your favorite match because there are plenty of best sugar daddy sites on the internet that offer sugar daddy no meeting options and they are quite popular. The majority of sugar daddies prefer not meeting their sugar babies. Here's why. They are probably married and during this time of the lockdown, they are at home with their wives. As such, they prefer affairs with no physical contact. There can't be a much better time or a more convenient period to have a non-meeting sugar daddy. Apart from being safe and secure, your allowances are not threatened by the lockdown.

How to get a sugar daddy no meeting date

Trust is priceless asset in the no meeting kind of sugar dating. You do not want to come out as a fake, a con or a fraud. You need to focus on building trust before you can ask the sugar daddy for money. The number of sugar babies that have screwed up in no meeting sugar dating is uncountable. It would be essential to know that most sugar daddies in the no meet sugar dating sites can be easily pissed and one of the surest ways to piss them off is by making a bad impression the first time. What is a bad impression? A bad impression would be something like naming your price upfront. This can easily rub the sugar daddy off the wrong way.

Asking for Money during sugar daddy no meeting

The majority of sugar daddy no meeting arrangements are simply explorers seeking unconventional ways to get rid of boredom. To some, the resolve to sign up on a sugar dating platform came as a lighthearted attempt to explore exotic avenues of happiness and the last thing they'd want is to fall prey to a con or a fraud who would exploit them. A genuine expression of interest in the sugar daddy always works 100% of the time. You must be extremely patient especially when you are dealing with a sugar daddy for the very first time. You do not want to scare them off. Tread with a lot of caution as you attempt to make the first financial request.

Sugar daddy no meeting sites can be a great way for sugar babies to beat the lockdown challenge. There's literally no point in complaining about reduced allowances yet they can do something about it. Digital sugar babies have made it clear from the onset that their affairs are purely digital and the services they offer include telephone conversations, video calls on Skype and FaceTime, and sending nudes. These are the services for which sugar daddies pay and the lockdown cannot get in the way. If a sugar daddy reduces the number of allowances he sends to his digital sugar baby, it would be for any other reason but not because the service delivery has been hindered by the lockdown.


If you happen to come by a sugar daddy profile that is straightforward and to-the-point, then it wouldn't be that much of a hassle to ask for money. Be as open-minded as you can possibly be when attempting to meet the expectations of the sugar daddy. Generally, try as much as possible to stick to the script. Script means the description of the sugar daddy as per the bio on his profile. However, do not outdo yourself by going against your own rules. Remember, you make the rules and as we stated earlier, it is nothing serious. Take it easy and set your own rules and never let them off of your fingertips.

Bottom-line, if you are a sugar baby and you are looking to go digital, then this would be the best time to do so because no one knows how long the social distancing restrictions are going to last and we certainly cannot underestimate the importance of sugar dating even in the wake of the lockdown.